Version 2.3 Released

Posted on by Jan

After a few smaller bug-fix updates, here’s the first feature release of 2024 with full support for Control Desk-style Track Diagrams on CS3.

Control Desk

It was in the making for a while, after Märklin’s surprise release at the end of November last year, but here it finally is.

Screenshot of CS3 Control Desk-style Track Diagrams on iPhone.

To make this work, I had to figure out the algorithm Märklin is using to calculate the straights and breakpoints between two points. Since every layout is different, there might still be some edge cases not looking exactly the same in RailControl Pro as they do on your CS3. If so, feel free to reach out.

Keyboard Mode

Keyboard Mode on iPad.

Another new feature in this version is Keyboard Mode for Articles. This feature is especially useful for CS2 users who didn’t configure all Articles. In Keyboard Mode, all addresses between 1 and 128 will be shown and can be controlled, regardless of their configuration. Existing configurations won’t be overridden.

That’s it for now! The update is now available from the App Store. In the meantime, I’m preparing the next one.