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The app Märklin forgot!

RailControl Pro lets you easily connect your Märklin CS3 with iPhone, iPad or Mac.

Connecting iPhone with Märklin CS3


With RailControl Pro it’s easier than ever to connect Märklin Central Station 3 to an iPhone, iPad or Mac. Learn more

Controlling locs with RailControl Pro on iPhone

Control Locomotives

Control speed, driving direction and the functions of your locomotives with just a tap, click, keystroke, or even a game controller.

iPhone connection with Märklin CS3

Control Articles

Turnouts, signals and other accessories, can be controlled in the Track Diagram or Articles overview.

Multi window on iPad Stage Manager on iPad Multi window on Mac

Real Multi Window

Juggle with windows on iPad and Mac. Be it to host your favorite locs next to each other, or just to keep the track diagram within reach. Feeling brave? RailControl Pro also supports Stage Manager.

Dark Mode icon

Dark Mode

RailControl Pro aims to blend in. Controlling your trains in a dark room, or outside in the sun? We have your back!

Keyboard Shortcuts icon

Keyboard Shortcuts

Pros use keyboard shortcuts. That's why RailControl Pro has them. Controlling locs with a keyboard turns out to be great. Learn more

Game Controllers icon

Game Controllers

Connect up to fours game controllers, e.g. for PlayStation or Xbox, and hand them over to others for even more fun! Learn more

RailControl Pro on Mac, iPad and iPhone

What else can RailControl Pro do?

Compare all features currently supported by RailControl Pro.

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