Connect Game Controllers to RailControl Pro

With RailControl Pro, you can connect multiple game controllers to multiple locs. This means that several people can each use their own game controller to control a different loc at the same time.

Controlling your lay out with game controllers, provides a fun way to share your model train-based adventures with friends or family. Enjoy!

Connecting a game controller to a loc

1. Connect one or more game controllers to your iPhone, iPad or Mac.

Apple has an up-to-date support document explaining how to do this.


  1. Put the controller into pairing mode
  2. Connect to it from the Bluetooth menu in the Settings app on your iPhone, iPad or Mac

2. Navigate to a loc in RailControl Pro.

Tap Game Controller Icon in the upper-right corner of the screen.

Screenshots of an iPhone showing a loc in RailControl Pro

3. Select the game controller you want to connect to the loc.

If you are playing with multiple people, each game controller will have a different light color. To connect, simply select the controller with the corresponding color from the list.

Screenshot of the select game controller screen in RailControl Pro
A sheet will show which game controllers you can connect, along with the buttons on the controller and what they do.

4. When connected, the connected game controller is shown underneath the speed controls.

Screenshots of an iPhone showing a loc connected to a game controller in RailControl Pro
It is possible to disconnect the controller from here.

Change the connected loc

Repeat the steps above to change the connected loc.

The previously connected loc will disconnect automatically.

Disconnecting a game controller from a loc

There are a few ways to disconnect the game controller from a loc:

Navigate to the connected loc.

Screenshots of an iPhone showing a loc connected to a game controller in RailControl Pro
Tap Disconnect to disconnect the game controller.

Other ways to disconnect:

Screenshot of RailControl Pro showing the context menu of a loc
Long press on the connected loc in the loc list and choose Disconnect Game Controller.
Screenshot of a game controller in RailControl Pro
Choose Disconnect from System > Game Controllers > Your Game Controller.