Keyboard Shortcuts

Controlling your model trains with a keyboard might be even convenient than with any other device. Here are some useful keyboard shortcuts for RailControl Pro.

Window Management (macOS only)
⌘N New Window
⌥⌘1 New Window with Track Diagram
⌥⌘2 New Window with Articles
⌥⌘3 New Window with Events
⌘1 Track Diagram
⌘2 Articles
⌘3 Events
⌃⌘S Toggle Sidebar
⌘K Connect
Space Stop / Go
Active Locomotive
Reverse Direction
J Decrease Speed
K Stop
L Increase Speed
⇧0 - ⇧5 Set Speed from 0% to 100%
Automated acceleration/deceleration
0-9 Function 0-9

Last Updated: 6 March 2023