Connect Märklin CS3 to iPhone, iPad or Mac

Learn how to find the IP address of your Märklin CS3 and connect it to RailControl Pro.

1. Connect your CS3 to the same local network as your iPhone, iPad or Mac.

This can be done by connecting the LAN port of your CS3 to your router with an ethernet cable.

2. Find the IP Address assigned to your CS3.

On your CS3, go to System/Settings.

Screenshot of CS3 System Settings
Tap the blue IP button at the bottom.
Screenshot of CS3 IP Settings
The IP Address of your CS3 can be found in the Settings Ethernet section.
Note: Do not use the MAC Address, that won't work.

3. Open RailControl Pro.

Screenshot of the Connect screen in RailControl Pro
Enter the IP Address in the textfield.

4. Click Connect to set up the connection.

Once your CS3 is connected, RailControl Pro will remember its IP Address. To connect with a different CS3, go to the CS3 menu item, choose “Connect…” and replace the IP Address.

Last Updated: 30 May 2023