Märklin Central Station 3: Missing Items in Track Diagram

Some items from your Märklin Central Station 3 Track Diagram might be missing in RailControl Pro and the CS3 Web App.

Update: Märklin has fixed this issue with software version 2.5. Make sure RailControl Pro and the software on your CS3 are up-to-date to enjoy all your Track Diagrams. Read more

Märklin Central Station 3 Track Diagram and iPhone with Track Diagram on RailControl Pro
CS3 Control Desk “Stellpult” is missing in RailControl Pro.

For unknown technical reasons, Control Desk-style diagrams don’t show up in the CS3 Web App and, consequently, are also missing in RailControl Pro. On the other hand, Panels are properly displayed in both applications.

Convert a Control Desk to a Panel

It is possible to convert a Control Desk to a Panel. As explained on page 35 of the Märklin CS3 User Manual. This way it’s possible to show the articles in the Track Diagram on RailControl Pro.

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Last Updated: 4 December 2023