What is RailControl Pro?
RailControl Pro is an app for iOS and macOS which lets you control model trains with Märklin Central Station.
Why should I use RailControl Pro?
If you like the possibilities of Märklin Central Station, but find it hard to use, RailControl Pro might be perfect for you. The goal of RailControl Pro is to make controlling your model trains as easy as possible.
Will RailControl Pro gain more functionality in the future?
Absolutely, the goal is to replicate all functionality which is offered by Märklin Central Station, and build new ideas on top of that. Keep track of what’s new in the release notes.
What functionality is currently present in RailControl Pro?
We made a handy overview to keep track of all features in RailControl Pro, compared to Märklin CS2/CS3 and the Märklin CS3 web app.
Which languages are supported in RailControl Pro?
Currently RailControl Pro is localised in English, German and Dutch. More languages might be added in the future.


Is RailControl Pro free?
No, after a one week free trial period, RailControl Pro requires a yearly subscription.
Can I try RailControl Pro for free?
Yes, every subscription tier allows you to try RailControl Pro one week for free.
How much does RailControl Pro cost?
It depends where you are located and on your needs. In Europe, the Hobby subscription costs € 9,99 per year.
Can I install RailControl Pro on more than one device?
Yes! Your purchase will be made available on all compatible devices linked with your App Store account, and through Family Sharing if you subscribe to Family Pro.
I bought RailControl Pro for iOS a while ago, do I need a subscription to keep using it?
No, you will be able to continue to use all RailControl Pro features as before.
I bought RailControl Pro for macOS a while ago and would like to enjoy further updates. Is this possible?
Yes! Choose Request Upgrade… from the RailControl Pro menu on macOS to request a free upgrade. We will get back to you within a few working days.
How can I cancel my RailControl Pro subscription?
You can manage your App Store subscriptions directly with Apple. You will be able to use RailControl Pro until the end of the subscription period. To help us make RailControl Pro better, it would be helpful if you'd let us know why you'd like to cancel your subscription.
I bought RailControl Pro but I want my money back, what should I do?
We're sorry to hear. Feel free to let us know why. Luckily Apple allows refunds for a limited time. After a refund RailControl Pro will not longer be available on your devices.


On which devices can I install RailControl Pro?
RailControl Pro works on all iPhones and iPads with iOS 15.4 or higher. There is also a version for Mac computers, which requires macOS 12.4 or higher.
Does RailControl Pro work with Märklin Central Station 2?
Yes, as of Version 2, RailControl Pro works with CS2 and CS3.
Which features of RailControl Pro do work with CS3 but not with CS2?
Central Station 2 doesn't offer some things over the network, like shutting down or rebooting. It also doesn't give much meta data about any connected devices. Controlling your layout however works equally well on CS2 as on CS3.
Does RailControl Pro work with the original Märklin Central Station (Article No. 60212)?
No, RailControl Pro works only with Central Station 2 and 3.
Does RailControl Pro work with Märklin Mobile Station?
No, you need a Märklin CS2 or CS3 to connect with RailControl Pro. If you have a Märklin Mobile Station 2 connected to your Central Station, it will show up in the devices list though.
Can I install RailControl Pro on my Windows PC?
No, unfortunately not. RailControl Pro only works on PCs with macOS.
Can I install RailControl Pro on my Android phone or tablet?
No, unfortunately not. If you want to use RailControl Pro on a tablet or smartphone, you'll need an iPhone or iPad.
Can I connect a game controller like a Playstation DualShock 4 Wireless Controller or Xbox Wireless Controller?
Yes, and it’s super fun! Here’s a useful guide how you can do this.


Some things in RailControl Pro are not working as expected, what should I do?
That's unfortunate, but we're here to help. Send us a message, and we'll try to solve the issue.


How does RailControl Pro work?
For most features, RailControl Pro communicates over CAN with Märklin Central Station. Some features not supported over CAN, are handled through the web server running on CS3.
Which technologies are used in RailControl Pro?
RailControl Pro is entirely written in Apple’s Swift language and the user interface in the SwiftUI framework.
Who created RailControl Pro?
RailControl Pro is developed and maintained by Jan Cornelissen, through his company Boterham bv. He's also the creator of Railer, a popular timetable app for the Belgian railways.